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  • Chirotouch Backup

    Backup Service for Chirotouch On-Premise Server – Annually

    Chiro Backup is a scalable low cost cloud backup and storage service for your Chirotouch server. Backing up your data is vital to your business. Your data grows exponentially as your business grows, making data protection more and more vital over time. Many users make the mistake of taking the stability of their system and applications for granted until they lose their data in a computer crash, catastrophic hardware failure, fire, equipment theft, or other event such as a cyber/ransomware attack. Lost information can lead to major problems, particularly for doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors who must comply with HIPAA requirements. Data recovery may not be possible; where it is possible, it can be quite expensive. Don't put yourself at risk—protect your data with regular backups.   $399.00
  • Chirotouch database error shrink

    Chirotouch PSChiro the primary file group is full – Database Shrink Service

    Chirotouch PsChiro because the primary filegroup is full. Shrink operation will let you have lots of space. Get rid of old system logs in your database. $149.00
  • Chirotouch Server Migration

    Chirotouch Server Migration

    In the event you choose to purchase new hardware, our IT team will perform the task of migrating your existing ChiroTouch data from your old server to your new server. The server transfer service with technical support is available 24/7. $249.00
  • Chirotouch Server 2023

    Dell 3000 Chirotouch Server ,Intel 10Th Gen Processor, 1TB Enterprise Storage, 32GB RAM, USB 3.0, WiFi, Windows 11 Pro

    High performance Depending on your needs, you can take advantage of the processing power and storage density of the Dell 3000 Series to attain greater efficiency and productivity for your Chirotouch. Powerful, Chirotouch Server Available with Intel Core i5 processors, 32G DDR4 ram, Intel HD graphics, and Intel vPro systems management, Dell 3000 Series enables increased power and productivity. Enjoy your new Chirotouch server!
    • Dell 3000 Business Series
    • Free Chirotouch Server Migration
    • 32GB Ram
    • 1TB Enterprise Storage
    • Windows 11 Pro 64-bit (Contact for Windows Server Edition operation system)
    • Free Auto Backup
    • Exclusive Warranty
    • 8x5 Tech Support