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  • Firewall for chiropractors

    Firewall – pfsense/Netgate – Plug & play

    • Simple configuration: Users reported that it was easy to configure network settings directly from their browsers.
    • Balance bandwidth: Numerous customers mentioned that the software was able to balance network traffic across their entire systems.
    • Firewall support: Reviewers praised the firewall capabilities of the product.
    • Frequent updates: Users reported that the software frequently updated itself. They noted that new versions were continually being released.
    • Visual network monitoring: Multiple customers felt that the visual network monitoring style made it easy to keep track of all activities on their networks.
    • Modular support: Reviewers liked various premium add-on features that the software provided.
    • System-friendly: Multiple comments noted that the software didn’t use up much computing power and therefore didn’t strain their systems.
    • Small business VPN: Several reviewers stated that the system was well suited for their small business, particularly because of the price.
    • Open source software: Users enjoyed the open source design of the software, they said that it allowed them to modify the software to their specific preferences.
    • Hybrid installation: Customers liked having the option to deploy the software onsite as well as on the cloud.
    • Block websites: Reviewers found being able to create a blacklist of blocked websites to be particularly useful.
  • Sonicwall Firewall for Chiropractors

    SonicWall TZ350 Network Security Appliance

    Tz350 network security hardware, Dell sonic wall tz 350 vpn ssl ips sd-wan 802.3at poe high speed security next-gen firewall utm network gateway hardware prevent advanced attack 02ssc0942, SonicWall SMB Next-gen Firewall NGFW